Great athletes are not born, they are built!

We offer a wide range of physical therapy services including graston technique, myofascial release, balance training, joint mobilization and injury prevention, among other services. As a physical therapy clinic, our goal is to give you the best and most cutting-edge treatment available.


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Our physical therapists take their time, beginning with a careful initial evaluation and working hard to pinpoint the underlying nature of your pain or mobility problem. Depending on your diagnosis, they look closely at your movements, balance, coordination, posture, gait and/or strength.

Based on the information they gather from your evaluation, our physical therapists will create a personalized treatment plan, including a take-home program. They will educate you about your injury/pain, guide you through the right exercises and equipment, and take every measure to ensure the best outcome for your needs. In short, our physical therapists will do all they can to get you back to your Physical Edge.

Are you suffering from chronic pain? 

Has an injury made it impossible for you to resume your regular routine, never mind exercise or play sports? Are you experiencing lower back pain?  Limited mobility?

There’s no need to suffer any longer. At TPE, our team of physical therapists (PTs), who have graduated from the University of Southern California, Chapman University, Northwestern University and California State University, Long Beach, will do everything they can to reduce your pain, increase your mobility and eliminate the problems that are limiting your movement and/or reducing your quality of life.

Physical Therapy​

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept most PPO plans, including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, AETNA, United Health Care and Medicare, among others. To make your customer experience a great one, we will verify your insurance coverage prior to your first visit and inform you of your physical therapy benefits, as well as your financial responsibility.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?
In the state of California, you do not need a referral from a physician to see a physical therapist. Our highly-trained physical therapists are licensed to evaluate and treat you without a doctor's prescription for up to 12 visits or 45 days, whichever comes first.

However, most insurances require a referral in order for a patient to be treated. If you plan to use your insurance for physical therapy, please verify what the requirements are concerning a prescription.

How long is each appointment?

Each appointment time may vary. Most of our sessions are approximately 45 minutes to an hour, depending on a patient's arrival time to his/her appointment and/or the therapist's treatment plan. Please arrive to your appointment at least 5 to 10 minutes early. If it is your first visit to our facility, then please make sure to come at least 15 minutes earlier to fill out the new patient paperwork. If you wish to fill out the paperwork before your appointment at home, you can download it here.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, we do have a $40 cancellation fee to ensure quality of care. While we understand that situations happen, we do have a waitlist of patients hoping to get in and ask that you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel the same day as your appointment, you will be charged the $40 fee.